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Lisa McCubbin is an award-winning journalist, author and media consultant who lives by the philosophy: Life is an adventure, not a guided tour.

Lisa began her career in journalism as the host of her own two-hour call-in talk radio show on KERN-AM in Bakersfield, California. Her spirited debates on controversial and topical issues led the local CBS station to hire her as a live reporter, covering everything from NASCAR racing to national politics. After a stint at ABC News, she became the co-anchor of NBC's Sunrise, the two-hour morning newscast preceding the Today show. With a personality that combined perkiness, warmth, a sense of humor and, above all, a sensitivity to presenting balanced news, Lisa quickly became one of the city's most popular news anchors.

In July of 2001, Lisa gave up her broadcasting career to move with her family to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, where her husband was being transferred by his company. Who would have guessed that just two months later, on September 11, nineteen Arab terrorists would change the world. Now living in the heart of Islam, Lisa agreed to share her unique perspective as a foreign correspondent to her former NBC news station. Her reports from inside the Middle East captivated the southern California audience by providing a personal connection to the Arab world.

In Riyadh, Lisa worked as a media consultant to Prince Abdullah bin Faisal bin Turki, one of Saudi Arabia's senior princes. In a country where women are not allowed to work with men, it was extraordinary that Lisa had direct meetings with the prince and his male staff—often held secretly at Prince Abdullah’s private villa.

An avid skier, Lisa prides herself on being able to keep up with her teenage snowboarding sons down the majestic slopes of Colorado. She's also a certified SCUBA diver and has spent many hours underwater in the British Virgin Islands, Mexico, the Maldives, the Persian Gulf and the Red Sea. Lisa currently splits her time between the fascinating city of Doha, Qatar and Summit County, Colorado.

As always, the next adventure is just around the corner...

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